After months of requests to add a streamer to the organization, we have come to an agreement with Aino ”Aippa” Lehtimäki to start developing new line of streamers for the organization 

Aippa is 26 and she comes from the city of Tampere. She is not new to the twitch community as she has been streaming since 2015. Her games include Overwatch and World of Warcraft, though she plays multitudes of different titles as well.

”It is a big deal for me to get noticed by an organization and enjoy being a part of something bigger going onwards. I am really excited on what the future will bring for me and the stream”, says Aippa when asked about her feelings on the release date

”With Aippa, we feel, we are getting a person to the organization who shares our common values and goals marching onwards. Aippa has a really good attitude in what she does and has already grown a substantial community around her.” Says Christer Kasurinen, the General Manager of the organization

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