As stated in a press release during summer, Telia and hREDS are starting their youth coaching program now in autumn. The aim of the program is to help young players who have taken an interest in esports to rise to the top. The starting game is CS:GO.

“Path to pro is now open to all dreaming of a serious hobby. It is awesome that together with hREDS we can provide the scene with a systematically trained path leading to the start of an esports career.” says Niklas Segercrantz from the Telia esports team.

The hREDS CS:GO youth programs first season will start in middle of October and ends in January. Twenty (20) players will be chosen based on an application that will appear on our homepage later this month. From the applicants we will build two teams of ten based on skill level.

Aiming for a professional career.

The youth program targets 13-17 year olds who are willing to practise goal-oriented and possibly develop into an esports professional.

“We are looking for individuals that have been playing competitively for a while and are looking for an opening in the Finnish esports scene. On top of good gaming skills we also want to know the level of team working skills and general life balance of the people in question”, says Christer Kasurinen GM of the hREDS organization.

The training facility weekly will be GLHF (Gaming Lounge Helsinki Finland), a gaming coffee situated in Kamppi, close to the central railway station. The core of the program is the 2-3 hour training session onsite and on top of this the players are required to practise independently towards the goals, given to them by the coach. The coach for the youth program will be named shortly and will work directly in contact with our teams head coach Toni Luhtapuro, who is a former CS:GO pro.

The missing piece.

Telia and hREDS partnership enables the growth of a stable youth program in the Finnish scene, and the possible birth of future international superstars. We bring the missing piece to Telia’s esports puzzle.

The youth program also emphasizes on responsibility.

“Our vision is to make Finland a leading country in esports and competitive gaming the passion of the Nordics. Also at the same time we want the Finnish esports scene to be easily accessible by everyone. We are committed on bringing a service that does not tolerate any sort of unsportsmanship behaviour and that all players will be respected as who they are.” says Segercrantz

hREDS Kasurinen agrees on this.

“We also want the parents and families on board, that also they better understand the gaming world and the amount of work the becoming a professional requires”

“We will start with CS:GO, but we will most likely looking into different games in the future, after the pilot season is done”