The esports organization Helsinki REDS has proudly announced a new partnership with smartphone company OnePlus. REDS always values performance, quality and lack of lag – which ties in perfectly with the OnePlus philosophy “Never Settle” and with their top-of-the line products.

“We are proud to present OnePlus as one of our main partners. We share important values like quality and persistence. Our mutual aim for the partnership is to serve the gaming community better than before and in more interesting ways and create added value to our fans and customers,” said Jussi Patjas, business manager for the REDS.

OnePlus has a history of catering to the gaming community and feels a strong connection to it. On their latest flagship release, the OnePlus 5, they announced the “Gaming Mode”, a new feature that gives the player the best, uninterrupted gaming experience on a smartphone.

“The partnership with the REDS is especially close to our heart and core community. We are all gamers, and we value quality, speed, performance and endurance. We want to give the Helsinki REDS the best gaming experience possible when they are on the go,” says Tuomas Lampén from OnePlus.

OnePlus is a Shenzhen-based smartphone manufacturer founded in 2013. The mission of OnePlus is to share the best technology, built hand-in-hand with the customers. OnePlus focuses on smooth software, powerful hardware and expert craftsmanship.

Helsinki REDS is operated by a limited company based in Finland and owned by Oy HIFK-Hockey Ab, which also operates the professional ice hockey club IFK Helsinki. The Helsinki REDS manages two esports teams, competing in Hearthstone and Dota 2.