hreds news
  1. Helsinki REDS signs Erik “Eki” Tammenpää
  2. Sauli “Zumpp” Rinta-aho to participate in HCT 2018 Playoffs in May
  3. New Taurora tournament announced
  4. Battery partners with Taurora
  5. Elisa Viihde partners with Taurora



Name: Amir Kassem

From Geneva, Switzerland

Role: Offlane

Signature heroes: Batrider, Legion Commander, Mirana, Doom


Amir “K1ra” Kassem is the offlane player of the Helsinki REDS Dota 2 team. He joined the team in early 2018, becoming the first international player to be signed to a Helsinki REDS roster. K1ra is an experienced player – before moving to Dota 2 in 2014, he started his career with the original Dota in 2007. He is a goal-oriented and dedicated player, who describes his playstyle as “aggressive”.