hreds news
  1. Helsinki REDS signs Erik “Eki” Tammenpää
  2. Sauli “Zumpp” Rinta-aho to participate in HCT 2018 Playoffs in May
  3. New Taurora tournament announced
  4. Battery partners with Taurora
  5. Elisa Viihde partners with Taurora



Name: Risto Kakkonen
From Joensuu, Finland
Role: Carry
Signature Heroes: Naga Siren, Anti-Mage, Timbersaw, Gyrocopter, Venomancer

Risto “Ouker” Kakkonen is the Helsinki REDS Dota 2 team’s carry player. Contradictory to his role as a funny guy outside of the game, he has an aggressive and active playstyle with a “get it done”-type attitude that drives him to always better himself. Competition is nothing new to him; Ouker is the 2005 Finnish champion in air gun shooting in the S-12 series. In addition to being passionate about his own esports career, Ouker wants to inspire people to have the courage to be themselves and go after their dreams, no matter how hard they might seem to reach.