Helsinki – August 25th – Liisa Harvela has begun her internship with the Helsinki REDS. Liisa works for the REDS with several duties in production of media content, daily social media marketing and communication with the gaming community.

Ms. Harvela is a law and computer science student at the University of Helsinki, with a background in marketing from her previous engagement in projects such as the Legal Design Summit 2017 and a position in the European Law Students’ Association.

– I’m so excited to work with the Helsinki REDS, said Harvela.

– I’m an avid gamer and eSports watcher, and I’ve followed the hREDS since they released their first roster. Esports is a growing field that I believe will continue to rise in importance in the next few years – it’s exciting to be a part of the beginning of such a huge breakthrough. And, of course, I’m nothing if not an IFK Helsinki and hREDS fan!