Janne “Janetzky” Aho has won his second Finnish national championship title.

The first title was won in 2016 while 2017 was more favorable to his now teammate Alvar “Vardu” Dürr. Although not an easy achievement in 2016, this year was a real grind.

The tournament started with a almost clean 4-1 record in the 5 rounds of swiss with only one series dropped to ENCE.Creapz with the top 8 seed already secured before the last round. At this stage sitting on the 2nd seed in the tournament, Janne was “confident” going to the second day


Playoffs started with a hard fought series against Drafkunex, ending in a tight 3-2 win. Continuing in the winners bracket was ensured, but not for long as TDG.Maur1 took Janetzky down with a clean 0-3 sweep dropping him to the loosers bracket where we would have to win 3 series before reaching the finals. That said Janne started his climb, taking down Sepios firmly with a 3-1 and Nordavind.NoRage 3-2. Loosers bracket finals was against his rival from the winners bracket TDG.Maur1, but this time Janne managed to clinch a 3-2 adamant victory to get his shot at the title.

At this point there was only one person standing on his way to the second national title, ENCE.Creapz who had made a decisive run in the tournament by not dropping a single series before the finals.

The Grand finals started favorably with Janetzky taking down ENCE.Creapz Warlock deck with his hunter. Creapz did not hesitate in the second match with his shaman in one of the longest lasting match in the tournament, making the series 1-1. It was at this point, Janetzky picked his Big Druid deck, THE deck that would finally carry him to the championship. With Creapz bit behind on his Jabberwock play, he got run over by a sizable amount of dragons and spiders, making the decider a mirror match between druids.

Whilst the last game was a thriller in its own rights, it was clear that Janetzky started to be favored as the game progressed. With minimal differences to the deck, it was Janetzky whose decision on putting spellstones in his deck that managed to burst Hadronox and flood the board with minions that would eventually win his the championship

Well played Janne, not giving up with the odds against you.