Today we are happy to announce a strategic partnership with Sponsor Insight, one of the leading Finnish companies in sponsorship design and data analytics. Sponsor Insight gained a lot of attention during 2019 when they released an analysis on how young 18-29 men watch more esports in Finland than they do Ice Hockey, a feat not deemed to be possible in our country.

”Here at Sponsor Insight we have noticed the explosive growth and development of esports in the light of data and measurement for years already. Everyone wants to be involved in esports soon and we also want to reach our hand to hREDS organization at this point to help them grow into the national and international role they are aiming for.”, says Tommi Puskala, the CEO of Sponsor Insight

“We work in a field of constant change and see Sponsor Insight as one of the most integral building blocks for our company to date. Knowing your market and how it reacts to many different variables is essential to a young company like ours. We need to move fast, but dont want to make too many mistakes doing it. This is where they are here to help us.” says Christer Kasurinen, GM of hREDS.