The Helsinki REDS is entering a partnership with Rockstar Energy Drink, a series of energy drinks designed for those who lead active lives. Available in over thirty countries and over twenty flavors, Rockstar provides action-packed drinks to everyone from athletes to rockstars — and now to professional gamers, too!

“We are privileged to be entering into a partnership with this great brand; partnering with someone who thinks outside the box on this scale and invariably shakes the field with new ideas is incredible,” said Eemeli Ikonen, Manager of Sales and Partnerships in Helsinki REDS, commenting on the partnership.

According to Ikonen, the professionalism Rockstar brings to the table is invaluable for both the REDS and the whole of the Finnish esports scene. “They have an incredible understanding of sports and event management born of years of experience,” he continued. “We are so excited to be bringing that to Finnish esports.”

This partnership is part of Rockstar’s goal of becoming a larger and more visible part of the Finnish esports scene. “We want to build a bigger presence in the Finnish esports scene,” said Derek Werner, brand development lead of Rockstar Energy Drink Finland. “We want to offer our skills and resources to future players and the discovery and support of new talent, as well as be part of gaming events both as content providers and builders of the lifestyle.”

According to Werner, Rockstar has been looking for a partner who shares their vision of supporting Finnish esports talent and the Finnish path to professionalism, which they consider the core of their esports involvement. In the Helsinki REDS, they have found a partner who fits perfectly into the world of Rockstar.

“We’re ecstatically happy to be partnering with the Helsinki REDS,” continued Werner. “We’ve already been involved in some projects together and cooperated on events, which has helped us come to this partnership agreement. The Helsinki REDS is not only a roster, but an esports institution.”

Having as strong a brand as Rockstar beside us to support our growth as an esports organization is an incredible opportunity for the Helsinki REDS, as well. We look forward to a fruitful partnership for many years to come. They say that anyone can be a rockstar — so now it’s our turn to step up to the plate! Hang on tight, because this is going to be one wild ride!