We are happy to announce our partnership with Free-Kevytyrittäjä, a service that brings light entrepreneurial possibilities to all of us.

Light entrepreneurship is a form of employment that counts your customers for work done without you having to set up your own business or send your tax card to a large number of employers. With the Free-Kevytyrittäjä, light entrepreneurs are avoiding bureaucracy brought up by your own company so that you can focus on the essentials, that is, your own work.

“The red family of IFK Helsinki, which hREDS is a part of is the only organization we want bring our brand forward into the esports industry and its specific demands.”, says Joonas Tuompo, the CEO of Free-Kevytyrittäjä.

“We in the esports industry live in a new time where flexible everyday solutions are becoming a necessity and we are delighted to have Free onboard with us to develop the service even further to counter the needs of our fastly growing market.” says hREDS GM Christer Kasurinen.