Two weeks ago, the Helsinki REDS announced its expansion into CS:GO; today, we are proud to present our very first roster in one of the most popular games in Finland.

“The aim was to sign a squad with a good mix of experience and youth. I feel that we have accomplished that with signing these five remarkably talented players. We see that these players have the potential to develop into a world class team,” said Toni “toNppa” Luhtapuro, head coach of the team.

“Having said that, the work has only begun, and we have a long, hard road ahead of us. CS:GO is a highly competitive game, and we see ourselves as challengers to the top teams in Finland.”

The players in the hREDS CS:GO team are:

Kristo “r0tta” Lindfors

Eetu “eDi” Astikainen

Jarkko ”spargo” Rahja

Verneri ”BONA” Junkala

Pasi ”VORMISTO” Koskinen

The hREDS have been invited to participate in the Telia CS:GO league, which is set to start in April. In addition, we will be competing in the FEL League starting this Sunday.