Helsinki REDS, a newly found eSports organization, is pleased to announce its partnership with JIMM’s, Finland’s leading manufacturer of customized computers.

“We are really excited that eSports has been finally noticed by the older traditional sports clubs here in Finland, and it has been taken into account like any other team sport. Although the growing industry has been noticed around the world, Finns are still at the forefront of the competition”, says Antti Järvinen, the CEO of JIMM’s.

“We are really pleased of the fact that IFK Helsinki contacted JIMM’s when starting an eSports organization. Here at JIMM’s it is of the utmost importance that Finnish teams have the needed requirements and gear to develop themselves to be the best in the world. This is why we are involved with several Finnish teams in the role of equipment supplier and sponsor. We expect the Helsinki REDS partnership to grant us visibility in the growing eSports market and look forward to working with the team in our future events.”