The Helsinki REDS has won the inaugural Finnish championship in Dota 2  on Saturday 21.10. at the eSM Dota 2 finals. The tournament was held at Grail Quest, a LAN tournament organized in Turku, Finland. Read a full recap of the tournament below!

The first match against PetoPojat was decided by Womber’s POS4 Terrorblade and Syuuu’s Mirana, which gave the REDS an offensive advantage starting at the beginning of the first game. This strong beginning set the ball rolling, and the Helsinki REDS finished the match 2-0.

The second match against Womberers was a longer affair. In the first game, the REDS got a strategically good draft, which decided the game. In the second game, Womberers picked a very defensive line-up, leading to a longer game. This game also ended in a hREDS win when Oukwe’s Arc Warden got strong enough to finish off the enemy team’s defenses. The match ended in a 2-0 Helsinki REDS win.

The semifinals against Lannisterdog were played late, and both teams were tired. As a result, the matches were very long. The Helsinki REDS also took their only loss of the tournament in the second game of this match, when MLWhisper’s Tinker gave Lannisterdog the advantage they needed to win. The final game of the best-of-three was won once again by Ouker’s Arc Warden after over an hour of gruelling play, during which the hero got too strong for Lannisterdog to stop.

The grand final was once again played against Lannisterdog, who fought their way back from the losers’ bracket. The Helsinki REDS was carried to victory first by Syuuu’s Anti-Mage working together with Notah’s lane-winning Lich and then by Syuuu’s Storm Spirit carry. Lannisterdog’s draft was very weak against Storm Spirit in particular, allowing Syuuu control of the map. The match ended in a 2-0 victory for the Helsinki REDS, winning them the inaugural Finnish Dota 2 championship title.