The first season of the Hearthstone Championship Tour ended on 01.04.2018, and the results for the Helsinki REDS Hearthstone players are in! Alvar “Vardu” Dürr and Janne “Janetzky” Aho both fell a few points short of qualifying, earning 27 points and 19 points, respectively. Sauli “Zumpp” Rinta-aho, however, played his way to 33 points and earned a place in the seasonal playoffs.

“Some last-minute changes made by Blizzard really affected our points this season. They were good changes overall, but the timing made gathering points more difficult,” said Zumpp. “We didn’t make it to the rankings we were going after, but a top 200 finish secured me a spot in the playoffs – which was most important.” You can find Zumpp’s deck lists for January and February here and here.

The Helsinki REDS Hearthstone team will be competing in the Hearthstone Championship Tour Pro Team Standings starting from season two of the tour.