Elisa Viihde extends partnership with the Helsinki REDS and continues the development of the tournament platform Taurora in cooperation with the Helsinki based esports club. The renewed contract covers the next two seasons of Taurora Invitational online tournaments and also includes cooperation with the Helsinki REDS’ esports professionals.

The Helsinki REDS acquired the ownership on tournament platform Taurora last April and Elisa Viihde has been the official broadcaster of the Taurora Invitational since last spring.

“We are very excited to continue our partnership with Elisa Viihde and to develop Taurora together towards being the leading tournament platform in Europe”, said Christer Kasurinen, general manager of the Helsinki REDS.

The introduction of Elisa Viihde as the official broadcaster of Taurora was very successful. Uninterrupted streams with outstanding technical quality combined with the best professional casters in Finland made the games enjoyable to watch even for people with no previous experience in following esports.

“We could proudly say that last season’s tournament productions were of the best ever seen in Finland. We will continue to produce entertaining shows for our viewers with Elisa Viihde and bring in new elements into following online esports.”

“We are venturing into exciting new phases in the REDS’ operations and are doing it in cooperation with partners that are the very best in what they do. That gives us confidence in developing and expanding the REDS and Taurora”, said Christer Kasurinen.