If you thought being named 17th best Fortnite player and winning 112 500$ would make you happy and content, you have not seen nothing yet. Since returning from New York, Lassi has been putting in the hours on his ever ongoing improvement and there are results that can back this up. To top this, he has also been streaming and engaging his community in a growing number.

With his new found trio with Konsta “Kaxie” Kauppinen and Kevin “Tohaj” Batic, they have made a deep impact on the EU online scene. They trio has been performing with a high level, not winning any cups yet though, but putting up numbers consistently earning them the 2nd spot on the ongoing Trio EU season (see picture for more info)

The new found success comes also with its perks as the esport earnings column as Lassi’s esports earnings are raising weekly.

“More work, more effort”, says Lassi, not feeling nearly satisfied with his ambitious goals on climbing the global ladder. “Happy with the decision on working hard with my development when other were quitting the game and seeing the effort making such a big impact on my current success”

Recent placements in tournaments after the Fortnite World Cup 2019:

DateeventPointsPlacedPrize money ($)per invididual ($)
18.08Trio Championship Series Week 16738960320
22.08Solo Champion Cash Cup #18223430430
23.08Trio Champion Cash Cup #11782150005000
25.08Trio Championship Series Week 2954211207040
29.08Solo Champion Cash Cup #292517501750
30.08Trio Champion Cash Cup #215891500500
01.09Trio Championship Series Week 31143211207040