Lassi “Belaeu” Kallio has placed 17th in the world in the Fortnite World Cup, held at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, USA. Belaeu qualified in the first week of qualifiers, taking the pressure off his shoulders at an early stage.

“All games went pretty much according to plan,” Belaeu commented on his own performance, pleased at having placed third in average placements across all six games. “I felt confident going into the games, and that confidence led to success.”

Belaeu’s trip lasted for a week, which afforded him, in his own words, “the opportunity to acclimatize to the playing field” at the tournament. He feels that this helped his mental practice before the tournament had even begun.

Belaeu looks forward to participating actively in the global Fortnite scene going forward. He can’t wait for his next LAN tournament.